How To Pack Less and Wear More!


If you - like most women! - want to know how you can cut down on the amount if clothes you take on holiday with you, we're here to help. 
Travelling light and packing light saves you money on luggage, and leaves you more space to bring back treasures from your travels! 
So how do you pack light?
1. Choose co-ordinating items. 
This might sound simple, but do you always do this? 
Our top tip is to choose a staple item such as shorts or a skirt in a multicolour print. 
Then you can choose a couple of tops in colours which you can pick out from the pattern in your shorts or skirt. 
Plain tops and bottoms can actually be much harder to match up! 
Alternatively, if your pants or shorts are plain, then make sure when you pick out tops, to go for a print which includes the colours in your printed items.

2. Think day to night 
There will be times on your holiday when you want to go from pool side to lunch and to an evening in the bar ... which can mean a lot of outfit changes!
The key here is to think ahead and plan properly. 
For the pool, you'll need a swimsuit obviously, and to cover up whilst you eat lunch you could add a sarong or long kaftan.
Once the sun's gone down, add a belt to your kaftan, or knot your sarong halter neck style and add a belt and heels or wedges for an effortless smart casual outfit. The bonus here is you'll be comfortable as well! 

3. Think multi purpose
If your pieces can double up for different uses then you're on to a winner! For example a maxi skirt with an elasticated waist can be pulled up to become a strapless dress.
A kimono can be a throw over at the pool, or a chic cover up at night time. A T-Shirt dress can be a day or night outfit depending on the shoes you pair it with. Have a think about the items you're taking and see if they can be more versatile than you originally thought! 
4. Limit the number of shoes you take! 
OK we know shoes are ALWAYS an issue. What if you need the pair of heels you left behind?
If you're honest, how many pairs of the shoes you took on your last holiday did you actually wear? 
Realistically you need: 
A pair of sliders or flip flops for the pool and beach
A pair of comfortable sandals for sight seeing, shopping and getting around - make sure you choose a neutral colour that will go with ALL your outfits! Metallics work well for this reason. 
A pair of wedges or heels or dressier shoes for your dresses and evenings out - think about the colours of your outfits. Will black go with everything? Will tan? Plan, plan ,plan!! 
Possible a pair of trainers or boots if you're planning on exercising or hiking etc whilst you're away.
That's it. Two or possibly three pairs of shoes and that's it. 
5. Don't pack extra 'just incase'
You won't wear them, and they'll just end up needing to be re-ironed when you get back home! 
6. Try the 2 x 5 rule
If you have two bottoms and five tops then you have enough for a 10 day break
If you add in another couple of pairs of bottoms you would have enough for 2 weeks. 
7. Choose a colour scheme and stick to it! 
If you have a specific colour theme to work with, then choosing and packing your clothes will be so much easier!
You might love that red top you wore in France three years ago, but does it go with anything you're taking this year? If not, leave it at home!
8. Take advantage of accessories 
A light scarf that can double up as a sarong is the perfect accessory. A chunky necklace, a matching bag, a bright headband can all give a touch of style to your chosen outfit. 
We hope this helps you with your summer holiday packing, let us know how you get on!