How Does Klarna Work?

When you see something you love and just have to have, it's a nightmare having to wait until pay day isn't it?

Love Faith Hope Boutique now offers a Klarna payment option, which means that you can buy now and pay later for boutique clothing! 

Klarna has a list of stores which accept payments by this method, and we are now on Klarnas Shop List! 

The way it works is simple. 

For items over £30, you can choose to pay in 30 days OR in instalments, and for items under £30, you can pay in 30 days too.
You choose your items and go to checkout as normal.
Choose Klarna as a payment method and follow their instructions. 
There is no added interest or additional charges for you to pay - you just get to enjoy your purchases sooner without worrying about them selling out before you get paid! 

Klarna clothing shops are perfect for treating yourself without worry and hassle!