How Do You Know Which Colours Suit You?

With so many stunning colours and shades available, and many more flooding the retailers in the spring and summer seasons, it's easy to fall into the trap of buying what catches your eye rather than what suits you. 

So how do you know which colour suits you? Here's our quick guide to help you:

Clothing colours to compliment hair colours:

Redheads and strawberry blondes tend to suit bright colours, such as emerald green, cobalt blue and in fact any jewel tones such as royal purples and rich oranges. 

Paler blondes rock the pastel colours such as baby blue, pale pink, and anything with a grey undertone like no-one else, but warmer blondes are better suited to aqua, bright red, grassy greens, peaches and corals. 
All blondes can pull off black too!

Brunettes look stunning in blue hues, from sky blue to cobalt blue to dark navy and denim. Lemons and golds also look fabulous on brunettes. 

For grey haired ladies, although your hair may be stripped of its natural colour by choice or not - your skin tone will usually still need the same clothing shades which suited you before. If you're still unsure, the jewel tones can give a much needed boost to an outfit so burgundy, deep blues, emerald green. 

If you adore a colour which ISN'T in your colour palette, use that colour for accessories instead of big blocks of colour in clothing - a handbag, necklace, belt or scarf can introduce a pop of colour.