How Do I Wear One Size Clothing?

What Is One Size Fits All Clothing?

Jessica is a size 10-12, Jen is a definite 12, Trish is a 14-16, and Lex is a size 14 top and 12 bottom. How is ONE piece of clothing going to fit all these ladies?

One size clothing usually fits sizes 8-14 or 10-16 UK sizing, but we can see why it doesn't seem possible. However the cut of these pieces, the way they are made, and the sometimes oversized nature of the one size clothes means that they can be worn on different frames for a different look. 

The important thing to remember is that they WILL look different on different ladies. 

Who Does One Size Clothing Really Fit?

We try on and measure all of our clothing so we know exactly who it will fit, and how it will look. Samantha, the owner of the boutique and our model for all the photos you see on the website and live shopping events, is 5'9 and a size 8-10. Cate, our marketing lady is 5'2 and a 10-12 bottom and a 12-14 top. 
Both of them wear and try and on the one size clothing for fit and sizing.

The tops will be longer on Samie, and Cate would add a belt to the tops to make them more fitted for a petite height. 

Trousers are tied in a little more at the waist for Samie, and worn full length, where Cate would add a turn up and not have the waist tied as tight - yet BOTH the top and trousers look fabulous on both. 

So the answer is, that one size clothing does fit most frames, but may be worn differently, and look different on each person.

Is One Size The Same As Free Size?

No, these are not the same at all. Free size clothing is the term we use to say that the piece will fit ANY size, without any restrictions at all. A pull on ponco for example would be free size. 

One size still has limits, as stated above, and is usually for a UK 8/10-16.