Disguising Problem Areas In Warmer Weather

Feel Comfortable This Summer!

Clothing to hide tummies
While most of us love the warmer weather, it can fill others with a feeling of dread, knowing that we're either going to be wearing less to feel cooler but having more on show, or covering up and being too hot. 
We've all seen the memes and jokes about being 'bikini body ready' and having to actually shave our legs more regularly, but if you have a hang up or niggle about a particular part of your body, then no amount of positive thinking or pampering seems to make you feel better. 
At Love Faith Hope Boutique, we encourage positive body images, helping our customers to embrace their body shapes, and cater for sizes 6 to 22. We also explain to people that your body hang up is exactly that - YOURS! Others probably won't pick up on your wobbly knees or shoulders that are 0.5cm bigger than they were 6 years ago. But we also realise that just because other people think you're beautiful the way you are, it's your own internal voice that dictates your feelings about your body, and in turn affects your confidence. 
There are many ways to combat this, from meditation or hypnotherapy to cosmetic enhancements and surgery, and every woman will do what they need to do to find what's right for them. 
In the meantime, we are here to help you dress for the body shape and style you have right now, and we'll help you to find your 'happy place' with clothing and accessories. The right styles, shapes, patterns and prints can help to make the most of your assets, as well as disguising any problem areas you'd rather were played down. 
Here's our Top Ten Tips for dealing with problem areas in warmer weather.  
1. If you want to hide a bigger or wobbly tummy, choosing looser clothes over tighter ones can help. Another trick is to wear patterned clothing which naturally draws the eye away from any one area. 
Alternatively, show off a different part of your body to draw attention there instead, such as shoulder, cleavage or legs. 
Bubble hem tops are great for hiding tummies too! 
2. Don't like your bingo wings? Lots of ladies don't like the tops of their arms, and one remedy for that is a cold shoulder top or Bardot style top. These show your shoulders but keep the top of your arms covered.

Bardot style tops are great for hiding a multitude of sins!

3. Straight up and down? Middle age spread and hormonal changes can really affect your waistline. If your waist is a 'waist' of time then create the illusion of an hourglass figure with a thicker belt to draw in oversized tops and dresses. Also, choosing a slightly larger size and drawing in with a belt allows you to have a little extra fabric to draw to the hip area, again creating the illusion of the in-out-in silhouette you are wanting to achieveWish your bum was smaller? The best tip for this is to wear tops which are higher at the front but lower at the back, that way you're covering your bum but not drowning in fabric. Shapewear can also help underneath your clothing.
4. Don't want to brave shorts? lots of ladies avoid shorts, as they dislike their thighs or knees, so if you really don't want to 'do' shorts, then a maxi skirt is an option cooler than pants, but not as revealing as shorts. Pair it with a nice cami or vest top, adding a belt to emphasise your waistline!
5. Do you risk indecent exposure with big boobs falling out of your tops in hot weather? For ladies with a bigger bust, minimise the fuss around that area, so avoid frills and patterns.  Also make sure you have the correct bra! Cross over necklines are fabulous for you ladies, as well as wrap style tops.
6. If the opposite is true and you worry that you haven't got enough up top to fill the tops you love, then create volume with frills, gathered fabric or ruching.
7. If you don't like your shoulders being uncovered, a sheer kimono style top can help to stay cool but covered up. Cap sleeves are a great style for you too. 
A kimono style sheer layer can help to hide tops of arms and shoulders whilst still being cool.
8. Too small for maxi styles? Too petite for one size clothing? Platform shoes are your new best friend! A platform or flatform shoe or sandal can give you the extra inch or two to make all the difference for maxi skirts and dresses. 
9. When it comes to one size clothing, use accessories to bring tops and dresses into suit your shape and size. For one size pants, shorts and trousers, the same applies, and don't forget you can always turn up the hems too. If you choose items with a cuffed hem that will help too! 
10. Our last tip is not to suffer in silence. Everyone has the right to be able to feel fabulous, and if there's something stopping you doing that, and you'd like some advice on how to deal with it, and dress to feel confident, stay tuned to our blog, or watch us on YouTube or Facebook.