Be Positive - Flaws and All

As the warmer weather draws ever nearer, we are seeing higher hems, shorter sleeves, less fabric and less places to hide. 

We've never met a single lady who hasn't got some sort of hang up or niggle about their appearance or body. Being in the boutique, we see and talk to so many ladies who want to hide this, or disguise that, make this look bigger, that look smaller, draw this in or push these up .. and we can tell you that we're guilty of this ourselves, too. 
We are so quick to tell everyone else they look fabulous, but we refuse to believe it ourselves don't we? If we talked to others with the language we use about ourselves we'd have no friends left! 
Why are we so critical of our own bodies and appearances? We're not just talking about the usual, 'does my bum look big in this?' either!
We've honestly heard everything, and the most random complaints imaginable! To you or me, it may seem insignificant or ridiculous, but to the person harbouring the dislike of that feature about themselves, it's huge. 

Here are just a few of the hang-ups we come across, can you relate to any of these? 
My feet are too big
My knees are scarred
My shoulders are too wide
I have fat toes
I have wide feet
I'm not in proportion
I'm too top heavy
My legs are too short
My legs are too long
I hate my figure
My bums too big
I have no bum
I'm not as slim as I used to be
I hate my tummy
The tops of my arms wobble
My boobs are too big
Now, just for a second, imagine saying those things to someone else. You're in a changing room with another lady, and she asks for your honest opinion on a dress. Can you even imagine looking at her and saying, "you can't wear that! Your shoulders are too wide and I hate your figure."
Of course you can't, we wouldn't dream of saying that to anyone, so why do we talk to ourselves in these negative ways?? 

People will always think, it's easy for you to say that, but you haven't got fat shoulders/ flat feet/ a big tummy, wonky knees .... but that person WILL have their OWN hang ups too. So how do we start to overcome this? How do we begin to get our confidence back?
Confidence is a tricky little minx, coming and going like a cat in the night, never staying for long enough. You can't expect to feel confident when you have negative conversations with yourself. They cancel each other out. 

Let's start being kinder to ourselves. Let's talk to ourselves in nicer, more positive ways. 
What are the things you LIKE and love about yourself? Think about your body and all the things it's done for you throughout your life? It's amazing! 
Seeing ourselves through other people's eyes is really enlightening.

What have you been complimented on? What do your friends, partner or kids love about your appearance? If you had to choose a part of your body to celebrate, what would it be? Do you make the most of that feature, or do you hide it away? 
Confidence boosts can come in many guises - from a compliment from a stranger to a feeling of success after wearing a great outfit. Which outfit in your wardrobe makes you feel most confident. Why haven't you got more of that style in there?? Are you stuck in a rut with lots of clothes that 'will do'. Stop making do, celebrate yourself! 
If you need a confidence boost, or want an honest opinion on which clothes suit you, make you look and feel amazing, talk to us, we're always here to help.